An introduction to our services

Wigan Housing Solutions is a ‘not-for-profit’ company, which has been established with the aim of benefiting the community through working in partnership with Wigan Council and private landlords to provide housing solutions for homeless people and those facing the prospect of homelessness.  It is a Community Interest Company, and as such, our commitment to serving the community is overseen by regulation.



  • To reduce the incidence of homelessness in Wigan Borough and the need to use temporary accommodation
  • To provide help & support to homeless people in finding and retaining accommodation
  • To increase the use of good, private rented sector accommodation for people in housing need (including homeless families and people found to be intentionally homeless) who are unable to afford to purchase their own homes and who are not eligible for or who would otherwise have difficulty in accessing social housing.


  • Training workshops to empower clients in:
    • home finding
    • financial literacy, including income maximisation, budgeting, better off calculations; basic bank accounts; credit union services
    • rights & responsibilities of landlords & tenants
    • where to seek help
  • One-to-one advice & support sessions, including debt & benefits advice, and provision of  ‘floating’ support services for tenants
  • Providing a portfolio of services to landlords, as follows:
    • Bond guarantees, together with advice & support to clients, for people unable to afford a security deposit.
    • Marketing & housing management  services, on the basis that the Company will allocate the properties managed to people in housing need.
    • Managing a private sector leasing scheme on behalf of Wigan Council
  • High quality housing management, with which other support agencies can engage effectively & which includes the application of preventative arrears control policies and proactive, supportive intervention to respond to all tenancy issues.

 Wigan Housing Solutions Services

Wigan Housing Solutions provides the following three routes for people to access private rented housing:

  • The Home Finder Service
  • Let Only and Housing Management  Service
  • Private Sector Leasing Scheme, in partnership with Wigan Council

Further details of these services can be found by selecting the appropriate tab on the homepage

The above services are underpinned by our Advice & Support service.

Wigan Housing Solutions reserves the right to select the most appropriate service for each client.

Advice & support

All the people accepted for our services will also be provided with confidential and impartial advice and assistance to support them in maintaining their tenancies and developing their personal skills. This includes help with housing allowance applications, income maximisation and advice on personal finance matters, housing rights and responsibilities; debt and welfare benefits advice; and, where agreed, referrals to organisations providing additional areas of support, for example with gaining employment.

This service is provided under the Supporting People programme.

Where applicants do not, for any reason, qualify for assistance under one of our services, we will provide them with an explanation, a full housing options interview and, where appropriate, refer them to further sources of help.