The Homefinder Scheme


Information about the Bond Scheme is available for tenants, potential tenants, landlords, and agencies looking to refer potential tenants to us.

The aims of the Wigan Bond Scheme :

  • To reduce homelessness in the Wigan Borough and the need to use temporary accommodation..

  • To provide help and support in finding and retaining accommodation.

  • To increase the use of good, private rented accommodation for people in housing need(including homeless families and people found to e intentionally homeless) who are unable to afford to purchase their own homes and who are not eligible or would have difficulty accessing social housing.

The Bond Scheme will offer a free service:

We do not charge service users for any of our services

The Bond Scheme is impartial and will help:  

  • eligible clients to find suitable properties and to manage their tenancies successfully;
  • landlords to find suitable tenants, and will offer mediation to resolve tenancy problems

The Bond Scheme will support freedom of choice:

The decision to accept either a tenant or a property will be the choice of the individuals involved rather than the Bond Scheme. 

The Bond Scheme is committed to equal opportunities:

We will help to improve access to housing services for all.

Details of the Service

These notes have been prepared to tell you about the Wigan Bond Scheme, which has been set up to help people who cannot find somewhere to live because they have no priority on the Council or Housing Association waiting lists, and who have difficulty in raising a security deposit to enable them to get a private rented house. 

Wigan Housing Solutions also operates a Let only, Management service and a Private Sector Leasing scheme. Properties are available on these schemes but are very limited and therefore we will inform you on your registration whether we have any suitable properties available, and if so – details of the relevant scheme. Further details on these options and how allocations are made are available on request.

What is the Wigan Bond Scheme?

The scheme has been set up by the Wigan Homelessness Forum to provide bond guarantees to landlords on behalf of new tenants who are unable to afford a security deposit.

bond guarantee is a legally binding agreement between the Bond Scheme, the landlord and the tenant which replaces the ‘up-front’ cash deposit normally required by landlords to cover the cost of any damage to or loss of their property when a tenant moves out.  If landlords face the costs of such damage or loss, they can make a claim against the bond to recover the money.

But we don’t just provide bonds.  We also provide practical help and advice to help you to find a home and to run it successfully, and we will introduce you to Unify Credit Union, who run savings and loan schemes that will help you to gain financial independence and avoid the loan sharks with their exorbitant rates of interest.

The scheme relies on you co operating and maintaining contact with us throughout the tenancy.

If you have any further comments please not hesitate to contact us on 01942 216 843